If unemployed…

Try finding another job. FAST!

Really good summary of some interesting recent research conducted into hiring practices with respect to length of unemployment. Basically, employers systematically discriminate against the long-term unemployed, so if you are out of work, the sooner you start applying to new jobs, the better off you are going to be!

I should note–this wasn’t typical ‘social science’ or econometric analysis where there could be hidden variables confounding the final result. This was experimental design using a large number of identical resumes with nothing but the date-since-last-employed differing, and employers systematically favored applicants with shorter spells of unemployment. Employers actually preferred applicants with less job experience if they had a significantly shorter-length of unemployment than more-qualified candidates with a longer period of time since they were last working. Interestingly, employers don’t seem to discriminate between forced unemployment, voluntary unemployment, or dropping out of the labor-force entirely (say, to take care of a child for a few years). Fascinating stuff, and, unfortunately, it looks like the only way to help the long-term unemployed is to get the economy back to full employment so that employers are forced to start looking at those employees as candidates.


One thought on “If unemployed…

  1. Physician for Equity

    As a small business owner and employer of 20 individuals, I can respond to why I as an employer favor an individual with less time out of work. I am prejudiced against The longer term unemployed: I have seen too many individuals refuse to accept a slightly less desirable job that is available, as opposed to hustling for any available job to keep employed. The unemployment insurance program needs to be reformed to encourage earlier reemployment. The longer term unemployed seem lazy and entitled. Lots of people move to go to where the jobs are available. The longer term unemployed don’t do this, and want a great job handed to them.


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